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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Found a great Ammo Company with Awesome Prices

Original post by: Maverick9110e

Hey guys, Been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. Finally got some free time to do it. While at the gun show here in Raleigh i needed to pick up some ammo, .38 special and .45 acp. Well long story short i stumbled upon this company Sillman Cartridge Company. Turns out their actually located out in western NC. They have Factory New and Factory Loaded ammo. I've run through about 500 rounds or more of the .45 acp both FMJ and JHP and about 300 rounds of the .38 special JHP. No major complaints at all with the ammo, actually fairly clean, at least much cleaner then the cheap Remington UMC garbage i was shooting before. But i have to say my biggest turn on to these guys aside from being made here in the USA (my home state nonetheless) was the price. I mean $16 a box for .45acp 230 grain FMJ ammo at $16 a box is a steal! the cheapest i found around here was $25 a box for the Remmy UMC stuff i mentioned earlier. Even online i haven't found much else close price wise. Now let me also say i in no way shape or form work for these guys or get anything out of this. I've had some contact with the owner (Carl) through a few emails and he is top notch in his customer service and anything you need from him. They also have a warranty on their ammo as will if any issues come up within 6 months of purchase. So anyway, i just wanted to share these guys with you and hope it might help some of you out there with your next ammo purchase, i know i'll definitely be buying more from these guys for sure!

Here's their website:


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