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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sing the health praises of parsley and sage

Those of us who go back a few years likely remember the line about parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in the huge Simon and Garfunkel hit song about two ill-fated lovers, "Are You Going to Scarborough Fair". Many have speculated that the reference to the four popular herbs was due to their use in Medieval Europe to help cleanse the air and ward off the infamous black plague. Others have thought that the reference to the four herbs was because the combination may have been used as a love potion. Whatever the reason for their inclusion in the popular song, the many health benefits of parsley and sage are worth loving and singing praises about in their own rights.


Parsley is an amazing medicinal herb with a world of health benefits. The root contains calcium, B-complex vitamins, and iron, which nourish the glands that help regulate the uptake of calcium. It is a source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin K.

Among the many benefits reported for parsley are:

*It is a diuretic which helps the body produce more urine to keep the urinary system operating smoothly and which helps prevent problems such as kidney stones and bladder infections.

*It is wonderful for removing toxins from the body, such as heavy metals.

*It is an effective breath freshener. It is believed that the practice of including parsley on a dinner plate began due to its breath freshening abilities and not merely for its decorative effect.

*The root and leaves are good for the liver and spleen.

*It helps relieve bloating during menstruation.

*It provides relief for edema, often helping when other remedies have failed

*Parsley root and seeds help relax stiff joints, often making stiff and unmanageable fingers work again.

*It helps remove gallstones when used properly by taking a pint of the tea daily.

*It is beneficial for the adrenal glands.

*It is a powerful therapeutic aid for the optic nerves, brain and sympathetic nervous system.

*Parsley juice is an excellent tonic for the blood vessels.

Note: It is best to avoid large amounts of parsley if you are pregnant, especially the use of the volatile essential oil.


Like rosemary, its sister herb in the mint (Labiatae) family, sage contains a variety of volatile oils, flavonoids and phenolic acids, including rosmarinic acid. The oils found in sage are both antiseptic and antibiotic, helping it fight infections.

Besides the antioxidant and other properties shared with Rosemary, sage`s other health benefits include:

*It is effective for symptoms of menopause, night sweats and hot flashes because of its estrogenic action and because its tannins help dry up perspiration.

*Sage helps provide better brain function and has been used in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease for over a thousand years. It helps provide better recall and research has suggested that it may be an effective option to help treat Alzheimer`s.

*There`s also compelling evidence that sage may be of value to people with diabetes for whom the hormone insulin does not work as efficiently as it should. Lab studies indicate that sage may boost insulin`s action.

* The ability of sage to protect oils from oxidation has also led some companies to experiment with sage as a natural antioxidant additive for cooking oils that can extend shelf life and help avoid rancidity.

In an upcoming article, we will also sing the praises of the other two herbs mentioned in the popular song - rosemary and thyme.

Sources included:


About the author

Tony Isaacs, is a natural health author, advocate and researcher who hosts The Best Years in Life website for baby boomers and others wishing to avoid prescription drugs and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally. Mr. Isaacs is the author of books and articles about natural health, longevity and beating cancer including "Cancer's Natural Enemy" and is working on a major book project due to be published later this year.
Mr. Isaacs is currently residing in scenic East Texas and frequently commutes to the even more scenic Texas hill country near San Antonio and Austin to give lectures in health seminars. He also hosts the CureZone "Ask Tony Isaacs - featuring Luella May" forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group "Oleander Soup" and he serves as a consultant to the "Utopia Silver Supplement Company".

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030824_parsley_sage.html#ixzz199MCeUCU

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Found a great Ammo Company with Awesome Prices

Original post by: Maverick9110e

Hey guys, Been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. Finally got some free time to do it. While at the gun show here in Raleigh i needed to pick up some ammo, .38 special and .45 acp. Well long story short i stumbled upon this company Sillman Cartridge Company. Turns out their actually located out in western NC. They have Factory New and Factory Loaded ammo. I've run through about 500 rounds or more of the .45 acp both FMJ and JHP and about 300 rounds of the .38 special JHP. No major complaints at all with the ammo, actually fairly clean, at least much cleaner then the cheap Remington UMC garbage i was shooting before. But i have to say my biggest turn on to these guys aside from being made here in the USA (my home state nonetheless) was the price. I mean $16 a box for .45acp 230 grain FMJ ammo at $16 a box is a steal! the cheapest i found around here was $25 a box for the Remmy UMC stuff i mentioned earlier. Even online i haven't found much else close price wise. Now let me also say i in no way shape or form work for these guys or get anything out of this. I've had some contact with the owner (Carl) through a few emails and he is top notch in his customer service and anything you need from him. They also have a warranty on their ammo as will if any issues come up within 6 months of purchase. So anyway, i just wanted to share these guys with you and hope it might help some of you out there with your next ammo purchase, i know i'll definitely be buying more from these guys for sure!

Here's their website:


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

South Carolina Preppers Roll Call

The South Carolina Preppers Network is conducting a Roll Call on our forum.  If you are a prepper please check in.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome New S. Carolina Member

Welcome new member:


Hi, everybody, glad to find this site! Looks like a winner. I cut trees down in peoples yards, and run a small sawmill and help run a small farm.

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Hello from York County! I've been doing some prepping within the last year and look forward to learning more about it.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How To Join The South Carolina Preppers Network

Come learn survival, preparedness and sustainable living with us!

The Preppers networks are all about volunteering our knowledge and skills with each other. We share ideas, tips and basically network with each other to survive any type of disaster whether natural, man made, or economic. Information that you learn and share with others will help everyone learn how to find "Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance."

Joining the South Carolina Preppers Network is simple, and most of all, it's Free! To join, just follow these few steps.

1) Register to become a member of the American Preppers Network www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net The registration page is here: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/ucp.php?mode=register

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Friday, August 20, 2010

FYI: A Unique Opportunity to Prepare for the Unthinkable

If you are a South Carolina healthcare professional, or knows someone who is, the following may be of interest...

A collaboration of many partners in South Carolina, The Disaster Preparedness and Response Training Network (DPRT), addresses the training needs of practicing healthcare professionals for bioterrorism and public health emergency event recognition and response.

Emergency preparedness and response issues include all forms of terrorism, natural disasters and tragic accidents. The goal of this program is to equip the health care workforce with the knowledge, skills, abilities and core competencies to recognize indications of a terrorist event; meet the acute care needs of patients, including pediatric and other vulnerable populations; participate in a coordinated, multidisciplinary response to emergencies; and rapidly and effectively alert the public health system if such an event was to occur.

Originally funded in 2003, the Disaster Preparedness and Response Training Network was refunded in 2005 through a $3.8 million, three-year grant from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). Since 2008, the Network has continued to offer courses to healthcare professionals and institutions across the state on a discounted fee for service basis. Learn more about avalable courses here.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

11AM Tuesday: Future uncertain for TS Colin

10AM Wednesday Update: Tropical Storm Colin falls apart

Tropical Storm Colin, which formed in the Atlantic Tuesday morning, is now just a remnant low.

Satellite pictures and analysis from the University of Wisconsin clearly show Colin is being impacted by 10 - 20 kts of wind shear. This belt of higher winds has a tendency to shred tropical systems apart and this has caused Colin to degenerate into a remnant low pressure system.

11AM Tuesday
Colin has a very ragged appearance this morning. The convective banding seen earlier has weakened...leaving a small convective mass
near the center and a second convective mass to the north. The system has turned a little to the left during the past several hours. The initial motion is 280/21...and the short-term motion may be even faster. Currently...Colin is experiencing westerly vertical shear likely caused by the lower part of the storm outrunning the upper part. This is forecast to continue for the next 24-36 hr due to the rapid motion. After that time...the system is expected to encounter increasing upper-level westerly winds caused by the western Atlantic trough. This pattern does not appear favorable for significant strengthening...and the only intensity guidance that currently calls for Colin to become a hurricane is climatology/persistence. Given the current trends and the forecast shear...the intensity forecast is a little weaker than the previous forecast...with an intensity of 45 kt through most of the forecast period. An alternative scenario is that Colin could degenerate to an open wave due to a combination of its rapid motion and westerly shear.

Interests in the northern Leeward Islands and the Virgin Islands should follow the progress of Colin.

NWS Hurricane Center Detail Page...

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ham Radio & Hurricane Preparedness goes together

This news report from Myrtle Beach Station WBTW News 13 describes Ham Radio's contribution to Hurricane Preparedness. It also features yours truely in a rare on-camera interview. (And the camera didn't even break!)

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