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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sheding Light on Solar Panel Construction

Urban & Suburban Dwellers, as well as any Rural Types who live in structures resembling houses, can count on having one thing in common...they all have a roof over their heads. While a roof has a lot of good uses like keeping snow, rain and other aspects of Mother Nature at bay, it also provides a great location for installing things like a solar panel or two, which can help in reducing home energy costs.

As energy prices rise, the attraction toward alternative energy sources like solar power also rises, however, once you start looking into solar energy, you quickly find that a big limiting factor is cost...the cost of the solar panels themselves, for instance.

That leads to the next progression of thought...Couldn't you just build one of these panels yourself? Simply put, YES you can, and if done right, you can build one just as good, just as efficient, and a whole lot cheaper than a store-bought solar panel.

If you go the DIY route... you first must know what makes up a solar panel, and what better way to learn is to see how real store-bought panels are made.

So here...for your viewing pleasure...is "How It's Made...Solar panels"

While it's not likely you have a giant easy-bake oven or a fancy suction-cup solar-cell carrier thingie, it's easy to see that making a working solar panel boils down to simple soldering skills, some framing, glass work, a steady hand... and a source of solar cells.

Ready to build a solar energy farm on the roof? Here's a final word of caution, since solar energy has become more attractive, there is a world of fly-by night operators making a killing selling how-to secrets, home-built solar plans, and sub-grade solar cells and materials. Before you start...study more, search the topic, READ UP ON THE SUBJECT.

One last video...a little taste of Solar Cell future, courtesy of the History Channel...


Western Mass. Man said...

Damn good post.

Massachusetts Preppers Network

Kymber said...

i'm with Western Mass. Man - damn good post KI4HEE!

pratishtha said...

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