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Sunday, July 19, 2009

As long as the Fish keep biting, the house can fall apart.

One of the primary reasons I took the plunge and bought a home here in Conway SC, wasn't necessarily due to any intrinsic value in the house itself, but rather in the fresh water pond making up half of it's backyard. If I'd had to, I'd live in a cardboard box... as long as I'd get a chance to wet a hook, and especially in my own backyard.

And while the need may never come, there's a valuable food-source just steps from my back door.

I give my father credit in instilling me the motivation to acquire property with easy access to a fishing-hole. When he retired from construction work, he settled down and bought a small farm in Mississippi, with two small ponds, one for Bluegill & Bass, the other for Catfish. The catfish pond was a cash-crop for him, harvesting fore-arm long blue cat's that tasted wonderful.

But along with being a food-source, the ponds gave him a place to de-pressurize from day to day life. He spent as much time as he could, between his many chores and projects, chasing fish he considered more pets than prey.

Those who do not fish, will not get it, but even without catching a single fish, the time spent fishing is a peace seldom ever found. It was there at the farm in Mississippi I spent time home on leave from the Air Force, fishing, and catching the germ of the idea of having a natural food-source AND favorite pastime close to home.

It was a treat to get up, get dressed, walk down to the pond out back, and just start fishing. A poor-mans Paradise. From then on I was determined that if ever I settled down and bought a place, fishing would somehow figure in.

So when I'm standing along the bank, down back behind the house...pole in hand, crankin' my bait enticingly, I'm happy...thinking about my father.

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