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Thursday, July 16, 2009

American Preppers Net Report #1 for July 16, 2009

The first Ham Radio Net of the American Preppers Network was conducted on the 20 Meter Band on 14.228 Mhz. at 9 PM EST. tonight.

With David W4DMH in West Virginia serving as Net Control, and myself, Bob KI4HEE his able assistant, a total of 10 ham operators checked into the net, eight of whom learned about the American Preppers Network and this Blog for the first time.

We wish to recognise the following stations as the first check-in's of the first net.

1. W4DMH David West Virgina
2. KI4HEE Bob South Carolina
3. W8BNL Tom Michigan
4. KE5SLV Phil Arkansas
5. N2SEQ Joe New York
6. KD8KFQ John West Virgina
7. N8TAH Kevin Ohio
8. K8DRP Daniel Michigan
9. W5RAW Ray Texas
10. W4VDW Dooley Tennesse

TOTALS: 10 check ins 1 traffic

Congratulations to everyone who checked in and made this net possible. Look for more news right here soon about where & when we'll have another American Preppers Network on the air.


wvsanta said...

Great post and I love the google earth map. You should take more credit because without your help on this it would not have been so much fun I am sure. I had a great time and again a great big THANKS you deserve it

Kymber said...

KI4HEE - this is great news for the Net! As we have been regularly posting Santa's previous Emergency Communications posts over at the Canadian Preppers Network...can I have your permission to copy your post and put it up on the CPN to update our readers? I will, of course, acknowledge your authorship and provide a link back to the SCPN...

KI4HEE said...

Kymber, please be my guest & thanks for asking.

Kymber said...

oh thank you KI4EE - i really appreciate this! and this will make a great follow up to Santa's posts for Canadian readers!

Keep up the great work that you are doing here my friend! i will let you know when i put up the post (should be tomorrow!)

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