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Monday, April 13, 2009

Veggie of the week...The POTATO

Today we feature a hardy & versatile friend in the garden & in the kitchen. A friend that's easy to nurture, & equally easy to harvest & prepare for the table. Presenting...The POTATO!

Once banned by the medieval church as "the devils plant", the potato has since become a worldwide celebrity, known far & wide for it's great nutritional value...just ask the Irish...that country practically lived on potato's, and almost died when a blight occurred on it's crop.

There'd be no, (or just not that many) Irish Cops in NYC if it wasn't for the potato famine.

Today, it's a tuber common in all kitchens...want to know more? Check out all the info mahalo.com has on how to cultivate a close relationship with your friend, the potato.


Kymber said...

Awesome veggie of the week and just an all-around awesome veggie to begin with! Potatoes are a staple food for us and they are one of the easiest veggies to grow! Great post KI4EE - and i love the new banner for the South Carolina Preppers Network - great job!

KI4HEE said...

Thank you for the kind words...yes I thought the potato should be the lead-off veggie...it's the "swiss army knife" of foods. As for the masthead logo...you make me blush...it's a follow up from the logo for the main APN site, it's a joy to make it and to help give the 'Preppers Network a serious & professional look.

Humble wife said...

Wonderful idea- veggie of the week! I am off to check out the link! Thanks for taking the time to share:)

Humble wife said...

Best link of the day! I am printing the link as we speak! Thanks for posting this as it was so informative and has so many how to's and treatments and preventatives for growing spuds!

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