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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep your Food a long...long...LONG time.

Back to real Preppers stuff. We feature today Bob at PAW productions with a great series of videos detailing how you can set up a long term storage solution for your food supply.

How long is how long? You'd think it'd be 6 months, but it ain't, 1 year doesn't even scratch the surface, 5 years is child's play, 10 years is a snap...20-30 years is the target. Yeah...we said it...20-30 years!

PAW productions have a long string of videos on Youtube covering food storage and other self-sufficiency topics. According to their channel page "P.A.W productions was formed in order to motivate and challenge people to be better prepared, with movies made to make you think through and explore the many options that are available to preparedness minded folks these days."

Yeah, you bet this is "on-topic".


American Prepper said...

Good post and good video Hawk. Like the new look of the site too. Good Job. going to link back to this video on APN

davecr said...

I would definitely stock up on food and seeds asap. I read an article recently titled "Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production" which describes most of the food producing nations as having severe droughts or historic droughts this growing season. I wouldn't be surprised if late this year when the harvest is in and next year that food is really in tight demand with all of the crop failures. The tight demand could be especially bad if the dollar is not the reserve currency. Food may be almost unaffordable for many in the U.S. if our currency loses its value and other countries swoop in and buy up our food. www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12252

Humble wife said...

This was a great video and very informative! I am working on this step of my prepping and am glad that you shared this.

Kymber said...

wicked post - thanks for sharing! now i am off to watch all the rest of the videos!

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