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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Upcoming Hurricane Workshop can keep you from blowing away.

Along coastal South Carolina, severe weather takes on significant meaning when Hurricanes & Tropical Storms become the topic of discussion.

Left: Hurricane Hugo targets Isle of Palms SC

South Carolina is often in the cross hairs, but has been fortunate & hasn't had a major storm in quite a while.

But that cuts both ways...

Hurricane Hugo was the last major hurricane to hit South Carolina... way back in 1989. Since Hugo, coastal South Carolina has seen unchecked growth, with a literal northern invasion of folk moving south to get away from cold winters and such. The region is a potential powder keg of millions of residents who've never experienced the fury & devastation a major hurricane can bring.

Face it... if you live in South Carolina... assume yourself at ground zero if a Hugo or Katrina-sized storm heads this way...are you prepared? Prepared for weeks of no electricity? Unsafe drinking water? How about flooding, or catastrophic wind damage to your home, or where you work?

This ain't chicken-little stuff. Unfortunately, having a monster storm 12 hours from landfall is usually the time most start making a plan. Don't be one of them!

Fortunately, South Carolina has a great Disaster Management Program. The state agencies that serve as front-line, first-responders take their jobs seriously, and understand that an informed, educated public is the fundamental key to adverting disaster.

That's why the SC Hurricane Emergency Management Workshop, to be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, March 24th. - 26th. is a valuable event to attend. Geared toward government & media types, it's also open to the public. It'll be a world of knowledge & information covering all aspects of disaster management under one roof. Sit in and listen to seminars and come away well informed.

Can't make the trip to Myrtle Beach and want to learn more? Visit the South Carolina Emergency Management website, better yet, bookmark it for later reference.

With luck, the Hurricane Season of 2009 will be a uneventful one, but considering the alternative, not being prepared is purely a sucker-bet.


American Prepper said...

Thanks for the Post Hawk, I would recommend that anyone living within a few hours drive make the trip to attend the workshop. Our nation can't afford to have anymore Katrina's. People need to be prepped and rely on themselves and not the goverment.

Kymber said...

Awesome post Hawk! I can't attend the workshop (for obvious reasons!) but I really enjoyed the post and look forward to more like this!
Glad to hear that your state has first responders and emergency services people that are top of line - we have a lot of those in Canada too! But, like Tom says, it's time for us to get prepped and be able to rely on ourselves. Glad to have you in the network Hawk!

Bullseye said...

Welcome Hawk and I must say I am blown away by this post. LOL Great info man. I have spent many a night and day in Myrtle Beach over the years, love it. Many good golf trip memories there. Lot of good nights on the strip too.. lol

gott_cha said...

Well I live 4 streets up from the surf(not in myrtle) and let me tell ya,..we had to learn to prep at an early age in life,.....It amazes me the numbers of people who wait until the last minute to do anything. We also witness folks who intentionally come down just to be "here" in the storm,....wow...the lunacy of that.

Even though Ive been a somewhat prepper for year,..Ive had enough,...I'm moving inland very soon,...before the season even starts this year

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