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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi everyone. Oh yeah, a face made for radio... I'm Bob Hawkins, a.k.a. "Hawk", and also Ham Radio Operator "KI4HEE".

I'd like to welcome you to the South Carolina Preppers Network Blog, where being prepared is a virtue. It's the intention of this Blog to serve as a valuable information & news source, to assist you in establishing self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and independence.

Unless you've been living in a cave, or vacationing on another planet, you're probably aware that troubling times are upon us. It seems now more than ever, the ability to "live off the grid" has taken on a whole new perspective & importance. Look for this Blog to bring News & Perspectives that can help you along that path.

I'll contribute in my small way, but I also invite you to contribute as well. Join the American Preppers Network. You're not alone out there, there's others who feel the same as you, we're growing everyday. No secret handshake, no test questions, no kidding! The APN is a where you'll find information, as well where you can impart wisdom, to help yourself & others establish self-reliance in a complex world.

I'm looking forward to seeing the growth of this Blog, and hope you will too. -Hawk


American Prepper said...

Welcome aboard Hawk! I will make an anouncement on APN.

Kymber said...

Welcome Hawk - so nice to have you aboard!
Looking forward to your posts! And glad that South Carolina is up and running - I got a soft-spot in my heart for South Carolina and if ever we moved from Canada to the US - we'd be going to South Carolina! Beautiful state ya got there buddy!

(oh and p.s. - there is a secret handshake - but Tom doesn't tell you about it until your 10th post - bahahahah - naw - just teasin with ya!)

gott_cha said...

Glad to see going now!
Im just over the border into southron NC but will be a resident of SC in just a cpl weeks.
Its good to have network!!!

wvsanta said...

Great to see SC up and running. I did HS in SC and have family there also. Great that your a HAM and am looking forward to your post. I am also a HAM w4dmh. A great big welcome from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
God Bless &73

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